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Fire Damage Restoration Can Be Avoided in Kaukauna, WI, With These Important Cooking Tips

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Fire damage in the homes we service in Kaukauna, WI most often happens because of unattended kitchen fires. Even small fires on the stove can cause extensive fire damage restoration. To keep your family safe Kaukauna, WI, ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services urges you to keep these tips in mind.

Don’t leave the kitchen or the home. While it may seem harmless to step out for a minute while the soup simmers and the cookies finish baking, the kitchen is the place where the majority of kitchen and house fires start. Kitchen fires almost always involve grease which is a protein and causes very caustic fires. Remediation of a kitchen fire will often also need smoke and soot abatement because the tiny particulates travel quickly throughout the home.

Watch children and pets. Small fingers and furry friends may be drawn to the kitchen by the delicious smells. Make sure they are kept away from any food that is cooking on the stove to prevent scalds, burns, and potential fires.

Be aware of items near the stovetop. Pot holders, apron strings, your blowsy top, and the kitchen towel you throw over your shoulder can catch fire in a heartbeat. Be extra vigilant about these items when you’re cooking.

Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen. If it’s been awhile since you’ve checked the levels on your home fire extinguisher the change of seasons is an excellent reminder to do so.

Check the batteries on your smoke alarms. If you haven’t already, install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms, and outside sleeping areas. This is the most efficient and affordable way to prevent the need for fire damage restoration services.

If you need fire damage restoration services in Kaukauna, WI or the surrounding area, ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services will be on site quickly to help. Contact us at (920) 739-5615.



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Toilet Backups Can Cause Serious Water Damage to Homes in Menasha, WI

April 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

A backed-up toilet is one of the worst chores on a homeowners list of things they must attend to. The causes for a backup can vary, and unfortunately, have no single quick fix to unclog the problem. While many people may think water damage only happens in their homes in Menasha, WI when forces of nature like flooding occurs, the fact is a toilet backup can wreak nearly as much havoc. Once the water overflows, water damage can begin almost immediately to the flooring and subflooring beneath.
The most common causes fora backups to watch out for are:


Sometimes kids put in too much toilet paper or decided to flush a superhero down the toilet to help save the underworld. A blockage like this can prevent water and waste from getting to your sewer line correctly. You’re going to need some humor and an old-fashioned plunger, but be sure to wear gloves if fecal matter is present. If the object is firmly lodged, calling a licensed plumber may be necessary.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are always seeking water and minerals that they need to grow, and sometimes they find that in your sewer line. When the roots grow into the sewer, you may notice backups in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, even though it seems like there’s nothing plugging them. Removing tree roots from your sewer lines requires a call as soon as possible to a plumber or sewer repair specialist. Keeping trees and bushes from overgrowing on your lot is the key to reducing this expensive repair and preventing water damage restoration.

Septic tank problems


When a septic system fails due to a broken pump, a failed leach field, or just because it needs pumping out, often your nose will tell you so. Another sign is a waterlogged lawn when there’s been no rain or watering of the lawn. Since septic tanks contain disease-causing waste and other biohazardous materials, it’s best to make a call to a plumber immediately.

Preventing water damage by carefully monitoring your home’s toilets, sinks, and bathtubs is essential. If your Menasha, WI  home suffers water damage, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services immediately at (920) 739-5615.

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Count on the Experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services for Biohazard Cleanup in Neenah, WI

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments

When a severe storm or tornado passes through Neenah, WI, the damage that mother nature can wreak can be anywhere from a minor annoyance to significant cleanup. Tree limbs, branches, broken glass, and the like should be removed carefully, but when a biohazard is present that changes the game. A trained trauma cleanup specialist like ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services should be contacted to help remediate as soon as possible.

When removing debris, you must take precautions, such as wearing gloves and eye protection. This kind of removal must be done carefully and can be physically exhausting work, not to mention dangerous. There may be pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that can be transmitted to you if you’re not protected. Are you aware that some viruses can live for days even when outside and exposed to the elements? Therefore, we recommend that after a disaster any biohazard left behind is removed by trained specialists.

What is classified as a biohazard?

  • Blood
  • Deceased animals or pests
  • Feces
  • Vomit
  • Saliva
  • Brain matter
  • Chemical Spills
  • Sewage

Following a disaster, it’s imperative that biohazard removal is done quickly, and by trained professionals. The mishandling of a biohazard can make people seriously ill as well as be fatal in some cases. Trained technicians can see to it that health protocols are followed to keep people safe from the biohazards present, along with best practices for safe and lawful disposal. You can trust that the technicians we hire are vetted and trained and have your safety foremost in mind.

If you’ve been affected by a disaster in Neenah, WI, and you suspect biohazards are present, or if you encounter biohazards during a natural disaster cleanup, avoid them and contact us at (920) 739-5615. We specialize in trauma and biohazard removal and cleanup in Neenah, WI, and the surrounding Fox Valley area.

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Keep Your Dishwasher Safe and Prevent Fire Damage in Appleton, WI

March 1st, 2018 · No Comments

You may not think of dishwashers being a particularly dangerous machine, but there have been cases of dishwashers causing fire damage in Appleton, WI, homes. After all, a dishwasher uses both water and electricity which can be a dangerous combination. Most of the fire damage we see from dishwashers are caused by faulty wiring or when water comes in contact with the internal wiring on the unit. Here are tips for preventing dishwasher fires in your home kitchen:

  • When you get a new dishwasher, have a qualified plumber install it. Even if you have some working knowledge of installation, you may be voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by doing it yourself.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is plugged into a grounded wall socket. An outlet that is not grounded is the most common problem and cause of fire damage caused by dishwashers. Do not use extension cords to run dishwashers.
  • Register your dishwasher on the manufacturer’s This way you will be notified of any recalls or updates.
  • Check the seals and gaskets on the dishwasher monthly. If any of the units get damaged, brittle or cracked, repair them right away.
  • Do not run the dishwasher when you’re going to bed or not home. Both water damage restoration and fire damage restoration can occur when appliances are unattended.
  • Clean and maintain the dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Install and maintain a smoke alarm in the kitchen that’s specially designed for kitchens and isn’t triggered by cooking.

ServiceMaster Special Restoration Services is the Appleton, WI, premier fire damage restoration company. If your home has been damaged by any fire, we can be on site quickly to help you. No matter the time of day or night, our trained technicians are available to help restore your home to pre-loss condition after a house fire. Contact us at (920) 739-5615.

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Appliances to Check to Prevent Water Damage in Your Kaukauna, WI Home

February 9th, 2018 · No Comments

Water damage is one of the most significant claims on homeowners insurance in Kaukauna, WI. To help prevent water damage, a home maintenance plan can help. Put these items on your monthly maintenance checklist:

Water Heaters

As water heaters age, the sediment from the minerals in the water will fall to the bottom of the tank and can cause rusting and cracking. If you see rust or cracks, contact a plumber immediately. Also make sure that the water heater is near a basement drain so that if it does leak, you’re less likely to have widespread flooding. Water heaters should be replaced every ten years.

Bathtubs or Showers

Every few months check for swelling around the base of the tub or shower or discoloration. Cracks in molding and grout can also signal problems, so re-caulk or seal the area.


Make sure hoses aren’t becoming brittle and cracked, and replace hoses every three years.

Washing Machines

Check for leaks around hoses and that the runoff hose is secured to the utility tub or the source that the water exits. Replacing hoses every three to five years with metal mesh hoses will prevent leaks and rust.

Because the hoses that supply water to the ice-making mechanism are behind the refrigerator, they can become brittle and break without you knowing there is damage.  Check them yearly, cleaning out any dirt and dust that has gathered behind them.

Shut Off Water for Extended Periods of Away Time

If you’re going to be on vacation or away from your home for more than a week, shutting off the water can save you from coming home to an unwelcome surprise.

If your home in Kaukauna WI, has suffered from flooding or water damage, we can be on site quickly to help remediate it. We’re available 24/7/365 for your water damage restoration needs. Contact us at (920) 739-5615.

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Does Your Menasha, WI, Small Business Have a Disaster Emergency Plan?

January 24th, 2018 · No Comments

There are a million things to do when you own a small business. You’re not only the owner but also the accountant, HR department, and the front line for customer service.  Have you given any thought to what would happen if your business sustained a significant disaster like flood damage, fire damage, or natural disaster damage?

A disaster plan is as important to the survival of a business, big or small, as a business plan. Small businesses can be decimated by one disaster, so it’s crucial that you have an accessible document you can reference if the worst does happen. A cloud-based service is an excellent choice for your plan to be housed, so if your Menasha, WI, building is damaged and you cannot enter, you can still access the plan.

A disaster plan should include:

  • Directions to shut off all utilities including gas, water, and heating
  • Insurance documents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Loan or mortgage documents
  • A listing of all employee phone numbers and numbers of their significant others
  • Information on medical plans
  • Cell phone carrier information
  • Financial records

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services understands the unique needs of small businesses in Menasha, WI. When your business is affected by an untimely disaster, you’re not only losing income, but you could be losing your employees as well. During this stressful time, having a solid disaster plan and ServiceMaster on the ready for disaster restoration services will give you peace of mind.

Unfortunately, a disaster can occur at any time without notice. We’re available to help you in the event of any natural disaster, fire, flood, or industrial accident that you may be up against. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter the time day or night, you can feel confident that you have a trusted and competent disaster restoration service company at your disposal. Contact us at (920) 739-5615.

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Fire Damage Restoration Services for Apartment Fires in Neenah, WI

January 8th, 2018 · No Comments

It’s not just homes and businesses that suffer from fire damage in Neenah, WI. Apartments are at risk of fire damage, so whether you live in a small 4-unit apartment or a larger complex, you should know how to keep yourself safe in the event of a fire.

  • Know the Fire Protection System: Does your apartment have a sprinkler system? A fire pull station? Fire extinguishers? Make sure you know how you should respond if you’re confronted with a fire in your apartment
  • Where Are the Smoke Alarms Located? In larger complexes, smoke alarms may be interconnected. Are they tested monthly? Who tests them, you or the property owner? How old are the units? These are all questions you have the right to know and have answered before you sign a lease
  • Escape Planning: Find out what the recommended fire evacuation route is. Locate the nearest fire extinguisher, and for extra safety, have one of your own on hand in the kitchen. If you have children, discuss escape routes with them. If you have pets, have a pet carrier at the ready in the event of a fire so you can safely remove them from the area

Here are some other ways to prevent fires in an apartment:

  • Never store flammable items in your apartment
  • Never leave stoves unattended
  • Keep hallways clear of shoes, coats and other items
  • Don’t smoke in your apartment

In the event of an apartment fire, your priority should be getting you and your loved ones out swiftly and safely. Fire damage can happen quickly and cause damage to apartments in Neenah, WI. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services provides quality fire damage restoration services no matter how big or small the fire damage is. Contact us at (920) 739-5615 anytime for help! We’re available 24/7/365 for fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, and mold and biohazard removal.

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Sewer Water Damage Help in Appleton, WI

December 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Rainstorms and snowmelt can cause sewers to back up, and this can be bad news for homeowners in Appleton, WI. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services can help with sewage and storm damage that has caused water damage to your home or basement.

Water that has invaded your home that has sewage of any kind is potentially dangerous. Depending on the type of water that backs up, it can include microbes, germs, pathogens, biohazards, and mold. Attempting to remove the tainted water can put your health at serious risk. However, we have the right tools and techniques to safely remove the water and begin the water damage restoration process.

Cleaning Process for Sewage Back Ups in a Home

 First, our trained technicians will assess the water damage, so they can form a plan to safely restore the area and begin remediation. Once the water is removed and electricity is carefully restored to the area, the technicians will begin cataloging damage, packing out items, and sanitizing the area. Any item that has come in contact with the flood waters needs to be disinfected. We have extensive experience in water damage restoration with furniture, household items, carpeting, and appliances. Our goal is to get your home back to pre-loss conditions.

  • Walls, floors, and other areas are cleaned using specialized solutions that safely clean and disinfect
  • If clothing has been affected, they can be cleaned by dry cleaning or hot water cleaning methods
  • Furniture and carpeting that is only affected by water and not contaminated sewage may be able to be cleaned and restored. If not, we can remove the items for disposal
  • After the sewer damage cleanup and disinfection procedures are completed, the affected area and items are thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth

When you experience water damage, we’re here to help. Our expert technicians have the right equipment, cleaning solutions, and training to help restore your Appleton, WI, home. Contact us today at (920) 739-5615.

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ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services Helps with Large-Scale Debris Removal in Kaukauna, WI

December 4th, 2017 · No Comments

The power of a natural disaster often takes people by surprise. If you’ve ever witnessed the aftermath of a tornado or house fire in Kaukauna, WI, it seems that in no time at all buildings are reduced to rubble in the blink of an eye. The debris left behind can be difficult to remove, and sometimes even dangerous.

These types of situations call for quick action at a time when you may be numb with confusion, full of emotions, and uncertain what to do next. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services can help you with large-scale debris removal after a disaster.

Time is of the essence to make sure the area doesn’t experience further damage. Sadly, during times like these, vandals see an opportunity to prey upon victims. Even more shocking is that if they’re harmed while vandalizing your property, they can hold you responsible. We can be on site quickly with board up services and immediately help secure the area. We can provide pack out services, put up temporary fencing, and provide temporary electricity if needed.

We can help with removal of:

  • Fallen trees and branches
  • Saturated or destroyed construction materials such as wood and drywall
  • Broken or damaged glass
  • Damaged property items (furniture, appliances, etc.)
  • Concrete and asphalt

We’ll work with your insurance provider and keep an open line of communication during the entire cleanup process. Large items such as refrigerators, water heaters, boilers, and furnaces may need to be disposed of in accordance to specific ordinances. We’ll save you the hassle of having to haul these items away and safely dispose of them to ensure the cleanup is being performed as directed by state or county environmental and biohazard codes.

Let us take many of the burdens from you during the cleanup and reconstruction process. If you need large-scale debris removal in Kaukauna, WI after a weather disaster, flood, or fire, contact us immediately at (920) 739-5615.

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Fire Damage Restoration Rids your Menasha, WI, Home of Smoke Odor After a House Fire

November 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

Cleanup after a fire is an overwhelming and devastating process for most people. Besides the cleanup required for the items that are burnt or covered with soot, ridding the home of the smell is essential to the remediation process. Many people report that even a whiff of smoke smell can bring the entire nightmare of the fire back to them. This is because the sense of smell is strongly linked to memories, and having to walk into a home that you once felt safe in and be reminded of a tragedy like a house fire is particularly devastating.

If your Menasha, WI, home has suffered smoke damage from a house fire, ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services has the expertise, training, and know-how to rid the home of the smoke smell quickly and efficiently.

During a house fire, smoke infiltrates all areas of a home. The tiny molecules are carried swiftly into all around the home, seeping into walls, carpeting, furniture, clothing, food, woodwork, books, and more. Masking the odor of the smoke with over the counter air fresheners and cleaning products that are not industrial grade won’t cut it; the smell will soon return.  Because smoke particles can attach themselves to almost anything, items need to be deep cleaned. Our trained technicians know how to remove the smoke from any surface and how to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

After a fire, everything in the home will need to be cleaned. Some items may require through airing, and others will require professional cleaning. If firefighting efforts included using water to douse the flames, you might also have items that have sustained water damage. We can assist with those items as well. Our fire damage restoration specialists are on hand 24/7/365 to help you with any fire damage or water damage, and we can also assist with pack out services as well as structural repairs needed on the home.

When working out how to get smoke odor out of carpets and upholstery, trust the cleaning experts with fire damage restoration experience for the job. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services will make sure the smoke smell and ash residue are entirely removed from deep within the fibers and fabrics so you can walk back into your home feeling safe and ready to begin the next phase of your life. Contact us in Menasha, WI, at (920) 739-5615.

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