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How Cold Temperatures Cause Mold Growth in Appleton, WI Homes

January 20th, 2015 · No Comments

Excess moisture is the bane of any organic based material in the home. From the studs in the wall to the floor joists under your feet, any amount of water can cause havoc. There’s swelling, warping, rotting, and mold formation that can occur when wood or gypsum board is exposed to water. Though humidity may affect the organic materials in your home to some degree, the recent cold snap here in Appleton, WI may cause unforeseen problems as well. That deep cold can cause moisture within your home to condense within the walls themselves.

As outside air temperatures drop below a certain point, the engineered insulating nature of your home, known as an “R-value,” can become less effective. When this happens the cold air can cool the interior components of a wall to a point where water vapor within the home condenses into liquid on the interior structure of the wall itself. It’s important to have your home inspected if any unusual water droplets appear around windows, or if walls swell or paint bubbles from water condensate. As mold is always a concern in situations such as these, it’s important to stay on top of anything out of the ordinary. If mold is an immediate concern, you can contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services right here in Appleton, WI to determine what can be done. We offer a damp surface mold removal service that’ll help you stop the problem before it spreads.

Though dehumidifiers are recommended when moisture levels in the home stay elevated over long periods of time, their utilization isn’t necessarily helpful in the coldest days of winter as the lower temperatures usually help keep moisture levels down. In extremely cold conditions, a bathroom or kitchen that shares a wall with the outside air could experience hidden water condensate that may ultimately lead to problems within that shared wall itself. Of course, the main issue is that of mold growth. The mold can spread while eating away the components of the walls, and also cause upper respiratory problems to those within the home. Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services here in Appleton, WI if you need advice on identifying mold growth, mold prevention, or mold removal. It’s definitely more important to verify mold isn’t there than to let it get away from you.

If you notice the weather outside is causing you headaches with moisture forming on surfaces in the home, please reach out to us here at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services of Appleton, WI. We can consult on ways to address the moisture as well as inspect for mold growth. If mold is found we offer mold removal and preventative treatments while also addressing moisture prevention so the mold won’t return in the future. Damp surface mold removal service is a specialty we are proud to offer and professionally administer.

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