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Safe Cleanup of Biohazard Waste in Appleton, WI

February 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Hospitals, schools, industry, home, and businesses of all types here in Appleton, WI are vulnerable to any number of biohazardous situations. Obviously, hospitals more than any other, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be any less prepared or conscious of cleanup when biohazard substances are unexpectedly present on the surfaces around you. It’s important not to attempt a cleanup yourself. It is far safer to employ professionals that use the appropriate protective clothing, specialized tools, and cleaning agents to safely sterilize the affected areas. If you require safe cleanup of biohazard waste in the Appleton, WI area, the most appropriate choice is ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services.

It’s a fact of life that serious injuries will happen to people. If precautions aren’t taken after the fact, individuals risk contracting illness or infection from the biohazard material present after the injury occurs. As uncomfortable as it may sound, or to even think about, bodily fluids can be dangerous, and they need to be thoroughly removed as soon as possible. Any number of communicable diseases can be spread by the spilling of bodily fluids, including hepatitis or typhus. It’s one reason schools have a policy to send children home when certain criteria are met for illness or injury. It seems obvious to send a child home when they experience flu symptoms, and also when injuries occur that involves blood, but the protocol isn’t in place just for the child going through it. Sending them home is also to prevent illness or infection from spreading to the large number of people around them. Though bleach, ammonia, or other store bought cleaning agents will help to sterilize the more obvious biohazards, there is no way to easily target the unseen, microscopic surface spatter on your own. That’s why professional biohazard waste cleanup services offered by ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services are so important to utilize. Our safe cleanup of biohazard waste takes the worry away for you.

Here in Appleton, when an unfortunate accident happens, it makes sense to call 911 immediately and stay with the injured person until help arrives. To limit any potential biological hazard you will need to sterilize the environment in which the injury occurred. Sure, you can attempt clean up on your own, but using a professional biohazard cleanup service is the better choice. Contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services to take care of the cleaning and sterilization for you. What you can’t see will hurt you and others – don’t risk cleaning only what you can see. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services will be sure to safely remove all of the biohazard waste for you.

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