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Washing Machine Water Damage Assessment and Restoration for Appleton, WI Residents

February 13th, 2015 · No Comments

When doing laundry at home, few of us expect our machines to suddenly spew dirty water all over the floor. That dirty water is supposed to go down the drain after the wash cycle, but for some reason, there it is, on your floor. If your washing machine is in your basement the potential water damage is less likely but still very real. When the water comes into contact with any organic matter such as drywall/gypsum board or wood, you run the risk of wood rot or mold formation. If your washing machine is up a story or two in your home then the water damage may, unfortunately, be much deeper and potentially worse. If you find standing water from your broken washing machine causing problems in your home it is advised you have the water damage assessed by a professional.

You may not think it’s all that common but a broken washing machine that causes water damage happens most every day somewhere here in Appleton. If it’s happened to you and you’re in need of water damage assessment and restoration in Appleton, WI, then ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services is here to help.

If the installation of your washing machine was performed correctly there should be a plastic or rubber drain hose or pipe that leads out of the machine to a nearby sink or floor drain. Sometimes this drain hose or pipe can become dislodged either at the drain or somehow disconnected at the washing machine near the pump outlet. When water is pumped onto the floor instead of down the drain it’s usually because of a problem with the drain hose/pipe.

Other than hiring a plumber or appliance repair technician here in Appleton to secure the drain pipe and check the pump outlet, you’ll also need professional help in removing the standing water, repairing any water damage, and treating exposed surfaces for mold. When getting a water damage assessment because of a leaking washing machine you’d be in good hands with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services. Diagnosis of the source of water helps significantly in the subsequent water damage restoration process.

When overrun by water spilling from your washing machine, the first step would be to shut off that washing machine quickly. From there you’ll want to assess how much water was spilled and whether or not you need to call for a water damage assessment and if restoration is necessary. If you’re in need of assistance with water damage restoration please contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services by phone, email, or in person. Putting our client needs first is of highest importance to ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration. Here in Appleton, WI there’s no better water damage restoration service available.

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