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Preventing Ice Dams on Your Roof Can Prevent Water Damage in Kaukauna, WI

January 24th, 2017 · No Comments

Heavy winter snows continue to batter the Midwest and the ice that comes with them brings many hazards. Wisconsinites are used to cold and snow, but most agree that the most damage comes from ice. This ice can build up on your roof, causing ice dams. If you don’t remove them and a good thaw comes, you may find yourself with water damage to your roof, attic, or even as far down into your home as your living area or basement.

While the photos of homes with icicles on the roofs may be picturesque, the fact is that this is the first telltale sign of ice damming. If you see icicles hanging from downspouts on your roof, there is the strong possibility that you have an ice damn in your gutter or somewhere on your roofline. Your best practice at this point is to contact a roofing contractor in Kaukauna, WI, rather than removing it yourself, as you could cause costly damage to your roof.

However, there are some ways to prevent ice dams from forming so you don’t suffer from water damage in your attic.

Insulate Your Attic

Most people know that a poorly insulated attic means an increase in your heating and cooling bills, but it can also contribute to ice damming. The heat that leaks out of your roof can melt the snow and ice, forcing it down into your gutters or into crevices in your roofline. Once the water has no place to go and it’s cold enough outside, an ice dam forms. Make sure to insulate well in the attic, including the floor space. Seal around any plumbing pipes or exhaust pipes and check for holes and cracks. The colder you keep your attic in the winter, the less likely it is that the heat coming from the home will contribute to forming ice dams.

Keep the Attic Ventilated
Making sure that your attic is ventilated is the second step in preventing water damage from ice dams. Once the attic is properly insulated and sealed, you’ll want to install one of several types of ventilation. These can be:
Eave vents
Ridge vents
Gable vents
Soffit vents
If you have an older home, you may need to use several variations of these vents, depending on the shape and size of your roof. Most modern homes in Kaukauna, WI,

combine a ridge vent with either a soffit or eave vent. The venting allows any heat that does get into the attic to escape and for cold air to replace it. This venting stabilizes the temperature of the air in the attic, which prevents the ice dams from forming.

If you have even the smallest amount of water damage from ice dams, contact us at (920) 739-5615 immediately. A quick repair can save you significant costs if the structure of your roof is compromised. We are available 24/7/365 for your water damage repair needs.

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