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Keep Your Dishwasher Safe and Prevent Fire Damage in Appleton, WI

March 1st, 2018 · No Comments

You may not think of dishwashers being a particularly dangerous machine, but there have been cases of dishwashers causing fire damage in Appleton, WI, homes. After all, a dishwasher uses both water and electricity which can be a dangerous combination. Most of the fire damage we see from dishwashers are caused by faulty wiring or when water comes in contact with the internal wiring on the unit. Here are tips for preventing dishwasher fires in your home kitchen:

  • When you get a new dishwasher, have a qualified plumber install it. Even if you have some working knowledge of installation, you may be voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by doing it yourself.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is plugged into a grounded wall socket. An outlet that is not grounded is the most common problem and cause of fire damage caused by dishwashers. Do not use extension cords to run dishwashers.
  • Register your dishwasher on the manufacturer’s This way you will be notified of any recalls or updates.
  • Check the seals and gaskets on the dishwasher monthly. If any of the units get damaged, brittle or cracked, repair them right away.
  • Do not run the dishwasher when you’re going to bed or not home. Both water damage restoration and fire damage restoration can occur when appliances are unattended.
  • Clean and maintain the dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Install and maintain a smoke alarm in the kitchen that’s specially designed for kitchens and isn’t triggered by cooking.

ServiceMaster Special Restoration Services is the Appleton, WI, premier fire damage restoration company. If your home has been damaged by any fire, we can be on site quickly to help you. No matter the time of day or night, our trained technicians are available to help restore your home to pre-loss condition after a house fire. Contact us at (920) 739-5615.

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