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Concrete Flooring and Water Damage in Your Neenah, WI, Business

November 9th, 2018 · No Comments

If your Neenah, WI, business has concrete flooring and suffers from flood damage, then you need professional water damage restoration services by a company that understands the unique needs of how to restore the flooring. Concrete is especially challenging to dry because of its distinct porous qualities, and in flood conditions, it can really take a beating.

Normally, a concrete floor is much cooler than the room temperature, sometimes as much as 10 degrees. The ability of concrete to hold moisture (referred to as a dew point) is what makes restoring it after a flood difficult. Even when you think it is dry, the concrete can be holding water deep down in the pores of the concrete, and if you were to lay down new carpeting or other types of flooring, you could be in for a costly surprise months later when the concrete releases the moisture, right into your new flooring.

When we arrive on the scene to do water damage restoration, we have the right tools to dry your concrete the right way. We carefully monitor the room to make sure the humidity is at acceptable levels as well as bring in commercial grade-dryers to make sure the job is done correctly. Our professional water damage restoration specialists can also fully clean and sanitize the area if the water damage was caused by unsanitary waters.

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services can help you with water damage in your business no matter the cause. We can help with flooding, fire or smoke damage, or mold damage caused by flooding or firefighting efforts.  When it comes to restoring concrete, you do not want to DIY or leave it to an inexperienced crew. Replacing concrete is not only costly, but also it can be a disruption to your business for days or even weeks.

Let’s work together to minimize your losses when it comes to water damage restoration. We’ve been helping Neenah, WI, area homes and businesses with their restoration needs since 1996, and we are a trusted name in the region.

Contact us 24/7/365 for help in the greater Neenah, WI, area by calling (920) 739-5615.

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